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The Professor Pundits

Originally pitched as an idea for an on-campus podcast, Professor Pundits was a series of short videos featuring an in-depth conversation between two political science professors about the week's election headlines. The project required mixing multiple tracks of dialogue recorded with two different types of lav mics (which, because of budget limitations, had to be scrounged from the cast-offs of the school's film department.) To ensure the videos would reach audiences while the content was most relevant, each was recorded, edited, and publish on the same day.

Here are two now-comically-outdated examples that capture the essence of the series.

On-Location Interviews

Below are four video projects that required interviews to be recorded outside of a studio space. Though the finished pieces are much shorter, most interviews ran between 30 and 45 minutes and required a good deal of cleaning up and mixing in post. In addition to recording the audio, I also did the all the research, conducted the interviews, and operated the camera equipment. Both the "Life at Middlebury" and "J-Term Gourmet" pieces began as ideas that I pitched to the school and developed myself.