Vimeo Plus: It's "Plus" for a Reason


What's better than a C? A B. What's better than an B? An A. What's the only thing better than an A? An A+. Good things get better when you add plus at the end. Vimeo is no exception. 

Vimeo Plus is the simplest and most economical way to improve your Vimeo experience. You can cut the line when uploading videos and getting support. Banish banner ads and store your source files! And in case your high school math grade didn't end in a +, let's break down the numbers. 

If you're a regular user right now you can upload up to half a gigabyte of videos every week. So let's imagine that as slice of gooey, delicious pizza, with an interior angle of 36 degrees. That's a tenth of the pizza, for free. That's great!* But there's still 9/10 of that warm, cheesy pizza waiting for you. And that's where the plus comes in. Vimeo Plus gives you 10 times the storage space- five gigabytes per week.

And within those 5 gigabytes, Vimeo Plus also means you can upload as many HD videos as you can fit, compared to just one for regular users. That's one HD video per week compared to unlimited HD videos per week. (This is unfortunately where the pizza metaphor breaks down, because it would mean infinite pizza. And if I knew the secret to infinite pizza, you can bet I'd keep it a secret.)

The best part is that Vimeo Plus only costs about as much as a slice of pizza per week.** Pay for the slice, and we'll give you the whole pie. Because we're h̶u̶n̶g̶r̶y̶ here for you.

Vimeo's newest copy editor, Ben Savard.



*  As long as you aren't Hunter Pence.

** Assuming you're in New York City, you'll pay $1.00 per slice, with a sales and use tax of 8.875%, rounding up the total to $1.09, but you'll probably let the guy keep the penny, so we'll call it $1.10 for 53 weeks a year, again rounding up because sometimes you just need pizza twice a week, totaling $56.30 for the year of pizza, compared to $59.95 for the year of Vimeo Plus.