Middlebury college Communications

video production

As Middlebury's digital media producer, I have made dozens of short films and video pieces on behalf of the college. Most of these projects required me to handle every aspect of production from conception, to writing, organizing, shooting, editing, to fixing sound and color. Below you will find a selection of nonfiction work I have produced for Middlebury and the specific department the piece was made on behalf of.

"Science and Mathematics at Middlebury" - stem departments


"life at Middlebury" - office of Admissions

"J-Term Gourmet" - college Communications

"May 2015 Commencement" - Office of the President

"Middlebury Bucket LIst" - office of Admissions


Cinematography/Color correction

I am often asked to assist other members of the Middlebury film community with camera work and color correction. Below are a selection of projects on which I helped to shoot or color.

"Middlebury's Winter Term" - College Communications


"PTP/NYC: One of a kind" - Theater

"ROOM FOR RENT" - Film and media culture department

This short fiction film was produced for the Vermont International Film Festival "Sleepless in Burlington" 48 Hour Film Competition. When Middlebury College was putting together their team for the competition, I was asked to do the cinematography.  The film went on to win both the Audience Choice award and Best Film. The prompt required four elements: 

1) Shooting part of the film in an antique store
2) Using a prop from the antique store
3) Making the season of autumn part of the narrative
4) Incorporating footage from the Prelinger Archives


Freelance and other work

In addition to my full time position at Middlebury College, I have worked at all levels of production on various film projects. Below you will find a list of some of the films I have been a part of and companies that I have worked for.

Florentine Films - INTERN

The Roosevelts: An Intimate History directed by Ken Burns | 2014 Documentary Series | Produced by Paul Barnes, Pam Baucom, and Ken Burns

The Dust Bowl directed by Ken Burns
2012 Documentary Series
Produced by Dayton Duncan, Julie Dunfey, and Ken Burns

Prohibition directed by Ken Burns
2011 Documentary Series
Produced by Sarah Botstein, Lynn Novick, and Ken Burns


White Dwarf Productions - Production Assistant / Camera PA

Slingshot directed by Paul Lazarus | 2014 Feature Documentary | Produced by Paul Lazarus and Barry Opper